Robert Stroud


Kendo Kyoshi 7-Dan, April, 2007
Iaido, Renshi 6-Dan, June, 2009
Started kendo, January 1979

  • Head Sensei, Idaho Kendo Club, Boise Idaho, 2004-present

  • Advisor Ren Ma Kendo Club, Portland Oregon, 2011-Present

  • Member Noma Dojo, Gokokuji Tokyo Japan, 1996-Present

  • Member Obukan Kendo Club, Portland Oregon, 1983-2011

  • Head Sensei, Obukan Kendo Club, Portland Oregon, 1986-2004

  • Member Rocky Mountain Budokan, Denver Colorado, 1979-1983

  • Past All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) Board Member

  • Past Kendo Federation of the United States of America (KFUSA) Board Member

  • Past Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) Board Member

  • Past PNKF Iaido Committee Chairman

  • Mexican National Kendo Team Coach, 2013 Latin American Championships

Ryan Atagi

Kendo 5 Dan
Iaido 1 Dan

Rhett Atagi

Kendo 4 Dan

Matt Miller

Kendo 3 Dan

Wes Horn

Kendo 3 Dan

Ken Tawara

Kendo 3 Dan
Iaido 2 Dan

Kendo 7-Dan is a true teaching rank. The only rank higher is 8-Dan which is defined as perfect kendo.

There is a 1% pass rate for 8-Dan in Japan, with 10 out of 1000 passing each year in Tokyo. For 7-Dan, the pass rate is about 15%. In the US there are about fifty 7-Dan Senseis, of that group only 3 are Non-Asian, Marsten, Grivas, and Stroud Sensei. 7-Dan has a significant depth of understanding

A person who is eligible for 7-Dan shall have fully acquired a profound knowledge of Kendo principles and his/her skills are of an outstanding level.

β€œDan examinations are a measure of how well you have mastered the combat side of kendo. It is a combination of how well you do the basics, waza and mental in a match with your peer group.

Shogo is a measure of the other parts of kendo. How good a teacher you are, can you shinpan, what is your character like, how much do you contribute to the greater good and the written examination in Japan are a kendo theory thesis for Kyoshi and Hanshi.

The theory portion is brand new for Japan for Kyoshi as they just revamped their system a couple of years ago. Before that it was pretty lax and more about income for the Renmei. Even though you pass your Dan exam in Japan for 7th unless you are literate in Japanese you cannot attain Kyoshi now. Before you could.

If you hold 7th Dan Kyoshi for 20 years you can apply for 7-Dan Hanshi. Technically a 7-Dan Hanshi outranks a 8-Dan Kyoshi. It gets very foggy at this point. Even in Japan they are not sure how this all plays out.”

Jeff Marsten, Kendo Kyoshi 7-Dan